Find the Perfect WAHM Gift This Season

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As a work-at-home mom, it can be difficult to spend extra money on your business. You want to be frugal and avoid spending money on things that you might not actually need. That’s why the holiday season is the time to get the things you would love to have, but you didn’t feel like spending money on during the rest of the year!

Since it’s Christmas gift shopping time, I’m sharing TONS of work-at-home mom gifts that might be just what you want this year. When you’re asked what gifts you would like, here are some recommendations to pass on so you can get that perfect WAHM gift this holiday season. 

Office decor for the perfect WAHM gift

If you’re just starting out with your at-home business, you might not have a designated workspace for your business. Whether your office is an actual room or a corner of the playroom (#truestory), a perfect WAHM gift might be office furniture. Doesn’t everyone want a desk or chair for Christmas?

Here are some of my favorites from Amazon (affiliate links):

Of course, you might already be set with the office furniture that you need for your business, but you might want some gorgeous #bossmom decor to make your workspace beautiful. I’m so much more productive when I’m in a place I love!

Just a few office accessories I adore:

Office supplies as the perfect WAHM gift

If you already have your office set up just the way you want it, then you might want some fun office supplies to keep you stocked for your business. And office supplies are so much better when they’re pretty!

Then there are the office novelty gifts that are always a hit!

Technology as a gift

If you’re like me, you might have technology on your Christmas wish list. Some of the technology items on my list include:

Other ideas for technology as the perfect WAHM gift are subscriptions to:

  • Adobe Cloud (for photo editing and graphics creation)
  • Skillshare (to learn new business skills)
  • Stock photos (PixiStock, IvoryMix, Creative Market, Hungry JPEG)
  • Schedulers (Tailwind, Hootsuite, SmarterQueue, Later)
  • GoogleSuite

The perfect WAHM gift for managing a home

As a work-at-home mom, you might prefer something to make managing the home easier. I’ve got great ideas for that, too!

Other ideas for the perfect WAHM gift

If none of the ideas listed above are quite what you had in mind for your perfect WAHM gift this Christmas, here are a few more things that might be just what you’re looking for:

  • A weekend away to have a break or plan for your business (both are great!)
  • A weekly or monthly cleaning service to free up time for your business
  • Childcare for extra time to work your business
  • Meal-prep or grocery delivery service
  • Gym membership or yoga class for physical exercise and breaks from the business
  • Business coach for guidance to grow your business
  • Virtual assistant services to free up your time (I’ve got you covered!)
  • Professional photography shoot
  • Clothing subscription service like Stitch Fix to spruce up your wardrobe
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Final thoughts on the perfect WAHM gift

These are just some of the ideas that I think might make the perfect WAHM gift this year! Of course, every work-at-home mom is unique and has different needs. That’s why it’s important to consider other things you might want or need this year.

If you have been stumped thinking about what you wanted this year, I hope some of my ideas helped you come up with your perfect gift. If I completely missed the mark or forgot to include ideas that appeal to you, I would love for you to share your perfect WAHM gift on my Facebook page.

I hope you get exactly what you want this Christmas!

Until next time,

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