Finding Content to Share Doesn’t Have to be a Challenge!

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You did it! You started your small business, you have a few posts up for people to read, and you are ready to get growing on Pinterest. You set up your business account as this post told you to,  and you’ve optimized that account with keywords with these directions. You’ve done all the research and you know from things you’ve read (like this one) that the key to Pinterest growth is consistent pinning.

But there’s one problem – you only have five posts live on your website.

How are you going to find enough content to share consistently without looking like a spammer? Does this mean that you’re stuck waiting to grow until you have more content to share?

You are in luck! Today I’m specifically focusing on where you can find content to share on Pinterest. Keep reading to make sure you’re using all of these resources to find great content for Pinterest growth!

A note before we begin: I recommend using Tailwind (affiliate link) to schedule content you find through these sources. In fact, some of these sources are only accessed through Tailwind. If you have not signed up through Tailwind, you can use the links in this post. Each link is an affiliate link, and Tailwind will give me a free month of Tailwind if you sign up through the links. Even better, they’ll give you a free month of Tailwind to get started! If you’re not sure if Tailwind is right for you, I give more information about Tailwind in this post and this post

Finding content to share on Pinterest

Pinterest itself is a great place to find content! There are multiple ways that you can access quality content to share without leaving the website. Here are some of my favorite ways to find content that fits on my boards.

Pinterest Smart Feed

The Pinterest Smart Feed can be a great place to find content to share! The Pinterest algorithm looks at the keywords in your profile and recommends pins that might interest you. Sometimes I open the Smart Feed, scroll through it, and use the Tailwind extension to schedule multiple pins at a time. 

Smart Feed Hints:

  • The Smart Feed does tend to repeat pins, so be sure to schedule through Tailwind. Tailwind will tell you if you’ve pinned content before, so pay attention to that. I try to only pin other people’s content once!
  • Make sure the Source URL matches the pin. You can do this in the Tailwind extension or through going to the actual website. I prefer to check the content to really make sure it’s quality stuff.
  • If the Description doesn’t populate through the extension, write a quick one that includes what the post is about and includes your keywords.
  • Pins that start with http instead of https tend to fail. Don’t schedule those. Frequently, this problem can be solved by clicking on the link, going to the website (which quite likely will have a redirect to the https site), and using the Tailwind extension to schedule. 
  • As you pin more and the Pinterest algorithm learns more about you, the Smart Feed recommendations will become more specific to your niche. Have patience if it seems really off at the beginning!

Pinterest Following Feed

Another favorite place to find content is through the Following Feed. This feed only includes pins from the people that you’re following, so it’s a great way to find niche-specific content if you only follow pinners within your niche. You can find the feed by clicking on the Following button at the top of the page on a computer or the button at the bottom in the app. The feed is circled in yellow in the image below.

Pinterest feed with Following button circled in yellow to show readers where it is.

Keyword Search

Another great way to find content to share on Pinterest is by searching keywords! You can choose the general keywords that you optimized your profile for or you can choose to search for board topics. In the image below, I searched for productivity tips, which is highlighted in yellow at the top. Underneath that, you can get even more specific by selecting the button or buttons that are appropriate to your niche. This is also a great way to identify long-tail keywords for optimizing your account which I discuss here

Pinterest search feed with Productivity tips in search box.

After you have gotten as specific as you want in your search, open the Tailwind extension like above and schedule your content to share. Once you’re finished, go to your Tailwind Scheduled Posts and shuffle your queue. You don’t want all of the same types of pins going out all in a row!

Other ways to find content to share on Pinterest

Pinterest really is an amazing place to find great content to share. Besides the methods listed above, you can also use these methods:

  • Identify top pinners in your niche and go straight to the pins button on their account. You can find quality content to share in one profile.
  • Notifications from Pinterest have excellent places to find content to share. When you receive a notification about a new board created by someone you follow, other pinners that people you follow just started following, or even content ideas that Pinterest recommends, check them out. 
  • When you find a pin you like, scroll down to see More like this. Here’s a video to show you where to find it!

Find Content to Share in Tailwind

So, you already know what a fan of Tailwind I am, and the fact you find content to share makes it even better! Plus, since you’re already working in Tailwind, it’s incredibly easy to schedule the content. You’ll be so excited about all the time you can save!

Tailwind Tribes

Tailwind Tribes are an amazing place to find content and share your content! It can be a little difficult to find Tribes that match your content, so take the time to find the Tribes you want to join. Whether you’re on the Annual Plan or the Monthly plan, you automatically get 5 Tribes and 30 monthly pin submissions included. You can add additional tribes and pins for as little as $5 per month. 

When you go to your Tribes through the group link at the left of your dashboard, you select the Tribe you want to work in through the drop-down menu at the top of the page. Then you simply scroll down to the pin you want, add the board you want it pinned to, and click Add to Queue. It’s super fast to add pins this way!

Tailwind tribes with pin circled and board list showing

Suggested posts for you

When you schedule pins to Tailwind from outside sources, Tailwind actually suggests content related to what you just pinned. The Tailwind extension opens a new window for the actual scheduling and, once you’ve scheduled pins, it will suggest content and populate the board you just scheduled to. If the content is good and it fits with that board, all you have to do is click Add to Queue. If it doesn’t fit with that board but you still want to share it, you can delete that board and choose a different one. 

A note about Suggested Posts – Tailwind does seem to have a limited number of posts to suggest, so you will see the same posts suggested more than once, The nice thing is it will tell you if you’ve shared it before on the board, so you won’t schedule it again. 

Other Places to Find Content to Share

I have found great content to share in several other places. Don’t forget to check these places out, too!

Facebook Groups

Facebook group threads can be great places to find content to share. The more specific the group is to your niche, the more likely you are to find great content. I personally like weekly share threads and can usually find multiple posts to pin to boards where they fit. The nice thing about these threads is you can also share your own content to these threads, so you can get your own content shared that way.

A note about Facebook share threads Stay away from groups and threads that require that you share all of the posts in the thread. There’s no guarantee that all the content is quality content or that it all fits with your niche. You also have to be careful that you don’t pin all at once or within too short a timespan because then you could get penalized by Pinterest for spamming. I always shuffle my queue after I add pins from a share thread so they are intermixed with other content I’ve found. 

People you follow on social media

Sometimes when I’m going through posts on social media networks, I’ll discover something that I really like and it fits with boards on Pinterest, I use the Tailwind extension and share it. Sometimes I find content to share on Facebook, sometimes Twitter, and sometimes LinkedIn. I usually mix networks when I share, and Pinterest is the one I am the most concerned about (I am focused on Pinterest management, after all!), so I’ll share there first. If something is useful but more applicable to one of the other social networks, I’ll share it on that one instead.


I am pretty new to Feedly, but I really like it! If you aren’t familiar with Feedly, you create feeds and then fill them with RSS feeds from sites that fit with the topic of the feed. When you visit the site, you see all of the new posts from the sites in the feed. You can then scan through them, find ones you want to share, visit the website, and schedule through Tailwind. There are several ways you can set up how you view the posts in the feed, but I like the Cards view (see below). I like that it shows an image and a little bit about the post, so I can decide if I want to read the whole post. 

A Feedly feed with posts about marketing

A really nice thing about Feedly is that their free account can have up to three different feeds with up to 100 sources. You can get lots of great content with that plan! 

Your email inbox

 If you’re like me, you have probably signed up to get emails from several leaders in your niche. These can be great sources of content to share on Pinterest! When you get an email, scan through it, find things that interest you, go to the website, read, and pin (or schedule). 

I am all about reducing inbox clutter, so if the content in the emails consistently doesn’t interest you or apply to your niche, unsubscribe from the list. You don’t want to waste your time with emails that don’t fit you and your business, but if they have quality content that’s shareable, then share away! You’re helping out others by finding great content to share.

Final Thoughts

Remember that your main goal on Pinterest is to grow your visibility and business, so sharing your own content should always come first. I find it easiest to schedule my own content first and then use other relevant content to fill in the gaps between my content. It’s also a good idea to reshare your own content again after a few months. You can also redesign your pin and update the pin description to give your content new life. Finally, always pin from your website or schedule through Tailwind instead of repinning from your own boards. 

Now it’s your turn – do you schedule other people’s content? Where do you find content to share? Did I miss any great sources? Let me know by leaving a comment below or on my Facebook page. I can’t wait to hear from you!

Until next time,

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