The Top Seven Reasons You Need Tailwind

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If you’ve been around May Virtual Assists for a while, you know my love of Pinterest and why I think every small business should be using it to grow. (If you are new here, you can see my reasons why in this post and in this one!) Today, I’m taking it a step further and sharing seven reasons you need Tailwind to grow your small business. Keep reading to see why this app is an absolute must-have to grow on Pinterest!

Reason #1 You Need Tailwind

While there are many reasons you need Tailwind for your business, the absolute top reason is Tailwind’s purpose. As I talk about here, the best way to grow on Pinterest is through consistent pinning. In this Facebook Live from Buffer, the Pinterest guys themselves discuss how important pinning consistently is to the Pinterest algorithm. 

Consistent pinning can be a challenge as a small-business owner! You have so many different things to do that pull you in so many different directions. #orisitjustme 

That’s where Tailwind comes to the rescue! Tailwind’s entire purpose is to be a scheduler for Pinterest. It takes an hour or less to schedule pins for a week or longer. You can batch schedule whatever number of pins you want to go out daily, and you don’t have to remember to pin daily to be recognized as a consistent pinner. What a time-saver!

The Second Reason You Need Tailwind

A second reason you need Tailwind is its Smart Schedule. The Tailwind algorithm looks at your specific account and identifies the best times for your pins to go out for engagement. Every Pinterest account is different, so every account should be pinning at a different time for engagement. With the Smart Schedule, you can place pins into your queue for your account and Tailwind makes sure they get pinned at the appropriate time. Personally, I don’t want to have to remember that I need to pin at 6:37 on Wednesday and 5:42 on Friday. I’m glad Tailwind does it for me!

Plus, Tailwind will keep recommending timeslots for your account, so you can schedule as many pins as you want to go out each day. If you want 17 on Tuesday, Tailwind will recommend 17 times on Tuesday. If you want 38 slots on Saturday, it’ll do that, too. I love how customizable it is.

Reason #3 to Use Tailwind

Reason #3 you need Tailwind is actually two reasons in one! They go together, so I’m listing them as one reason. (It’s my post, so I can do that. ?) Board lists and interval scheduling are so helpful when you want to schedule pins to multiple boards.

Each pin from my blog goes to five or more personal boards and group boards. Board lists are helpful to make sure that the pins are being distributed to the appropriate boards that fit with that pin. I can group my boards by category and then just select the board list. It then will be scheduled to every board on that list.

Using interval scheduling allows me to spread out when the pin is pinned to my Pinterest account. I don’t want the same pin to go out several times in a row because it can appear that I am spamming boards. Pinterest takes spamming very seriously, so I don’t want to have to deal with the consequences of that. Besides, it’s a horrible business practice!

I can set whatever interval I want between the pins on the board list, and Tailwind will automatically lock them in optimal timeslots with that interval between them. I like to have at least one day in between the same pins, but you can decide what works best for you!

Another Reason You Need Tailwind

The analytics in Tailwind are amazing! It tracks when you pin, where you pin, the repins your pins get, the visits to your account, and the engagement your account has. You can analyze your profile, your boards, and your pins. You can even link your Google Analytics for a more in-depth look at the traffic to your website. 

This is especially helpful in figuring out what boards are helping your business and what boards are not as helpful. Many people use the analytics to decide which group boards are worth the effort. It is important to pin to boards on Pinterest where people engage with your pins, and Tailwind can help you do that!

[bctt tweet=”It is important to pin to boards on Pinterest where people engage with your pins, and Tailwind can help you do that!” username=”mvirtualassists”]

Tailwind Tribes

Tailwind Tribes are another one of the reasons you need Tailwind. If you are not familiar with Tribes, they are a place in Tailwind to share your content with others and find content that matches your niche. 

To get started with Tribes, you find Tribes that match to your content. You might join a parenting tribe if you write about parenting or a fitness tribe if you write about healthy living. Some tribes require you to apply to join them, while others are open to anyone. After you are in the tribe, you can share your pins that fit with the tribe and find content to add to your queue that fits with your niche. Then people in the tribe can pin your pins to their boards. It’s so easy, and Tribes can go a long way to increase your visibility within Pinterest!

I will tell you that Tribes are considered a power-up, so they are not free. If you pay for Tailwind annually, you can join 5 tribes and pin up to 30 pins per month to those tribes. You can also add more for as little as $5 a month, but I haven’t seen the need for that. 

With only sharing my content (or my client’s content on their accounts), I have found 30 pins to be enough. Perhaps I will see a need in the future as I add more content, but I am happy with the results I’m seeing with the included plan.

A Sixth Reason You Need Tailwind

Starting a business can be expensive, especially before you make any money! So many people will tell you that you must pay for this or you have to buy that to be successful. I am not someone who is going to tell you that you need to spend thousands of dollars for a business coach or hundreds of dollars for a logo design.

I am all about the DIY and starting a business on a budget, as I share in this post about free tools for your business. In fact, I can think of exactly five things that a new business owner should spend money on to get their business going (spoiler alert: topic of next week’s post).   Tailwind is absolutely one of those tools. 

With a monthly cost of $15.99 for 400 pins per month or $119 for unlimited pins per month, I think the reasonable price is actually one of the reasons you need Tailwind. The ROI of Tailwind in terms of growth on Pinterest and time saved compared to pinning manually makes it a wise investment for any small business owner!

Reason #7 You Need Tailwind

Tailwind has an amazing referral program for every Tailwind user! When you join Tailwind, you will receive a special referral code. Anytime someone uses your Tailwind referral code, they will receive a $15 credit on Tailwind, which they can redeem for a free month, and you will receive a $15 credit that’s good for a free month, too.

I have heard stories of people who have been using Tailwind for years and have never had to pay for a single month because of this referral program. How cool would it be to get Tailwind for free?

Even More Reasons You Need Tailwind

I couldn’t stop at just seven reasons to use Tailwind, because it’s just that amazing! Here are some other reasons to love Tailwind:

  • You can choose to automatically post to Facebook or Twitter when you schedule a pin. It even changes to the appropriate size image and description for the platform!
  • You can link your Instagram account, so you can choose Instagram images to post to Pinterest.
  • They now offer scheduling to Instagram through Tailwind. It is a separate cost and I haven’t used it, but it’s nice they offer it!
  • When you batch schedule pins on a specific topic, you can shuffle your queue to make sure the pins aren’t all bunched together and pinned to one board.
  • There is a Tailwind Chrome extension that is so helpful when scheduling. You simply click the extension button, choose the image you want, select the board, and click add to queue. It’s super-quick to add to your schedule on the fly!

Now you know several reasons you need Tailwind for your business. If you are ready to get started and need a referral link, I would love for you to use mine (affiliate link)! As an added bonus, if you sign up with this link and email me, I will send you a FREE copy of my Pinterest Success Planner. This planner will go a long way in helping you develop a Pinterest strategy that will grow your business.

If you are already a Tailwind user, you know that this is by no means an exhaustive list of reasons to use Tailwind. Please feel free to share your own thoughts on Tailwind in the comments below or on my Facebook page. I can’t wait to hear what you’ve got to say!

Until next time,

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