The One Canva Workflow You Need

If you’re like me, the new Tailwind recommendations for Pinterest about the constant need for new pins was not very welcome! As I thought about having to create more pins for myself and my clients so I was only resharing every three to five months, I freaked out. How was I going to keep up with all of the new pins I needed to make??

As I talk about in this post on my top five free tools, I love Canva! (affiliate link) It has many excellent features that make it easy to create amazing graphics. I use and love templates, whether they’re ones I’ve created, ones I’ve bought, or ones from Canva.

I thought I had a pretty good Canva workflow using templates, and I could create a pin quickly, but it was a little cumbersome. Plus, the pins were everywhere in my computer downloads. I had to search for the pins to add to posts or schedule them.

And then I found a better way!

Check out the new Canva workflow I’m using to bulk create pins efficiently, organize them easily, and schedule them quickly. Plus, I’ve created some Canva templates just for you! 

The Old Canva Workflow

Before we get into my new Canva design process, I thought I would share the old process I used. When I went to design pins, I would open my template, design the pin, change the name, and download the pin.

It wasn’t a long process, and I could usually do a pin in two to three minutes. Canva is not an especially fast website, so I would wait for the template to open, wait for the picture to upload or the search results to populate, wait for the changes to save with the new name, and wait for the new pin to download. 

I spent a lot more time waiting on Canva than I needed to.

The New and Improved Canva Design Process

To help you understand the Canva workflow, I created a video to show you how I create multiple pins at once for a post.