The One Tool You Need to Engage Your Audience

For most small-business owners, the best way to grow your business is to engage your audience. But that can be challenging when all the other business owners are also out there trying to engage with the same audience to grow their business! How do you make your content stand out from the rest? What can you do to up your engagement and be different?

Today I’m sharing the one tool you need to engage your audience and grow your business!

Engage your audience with quizzes

I don’t know if it’s because I’m a teacher, but I’m a huge fan of quizzes. If there’s a quiz on Facebook or any other social media platform, I’ll probably take it. I could spend hours on Buzzfeed finding out how old I am (shouldn’t I know that already??) or what celebrity pet I am (I really hope that’s not a real quiz! ūüėā).

Because of my love of online quizzes and their popularity, I knew I had to test out the¬†Interact Quiz Builder¬†(affiliate link) when they contacted me to see if I would be interested in creating quizzes for my business and sharing my thoughts and results with my audience. I’m all about trying things out before I recommend them to you.

I was given an Interact software to use and review for this post, but all the thoughts and opinions are my own!

Purpose of the quiz

While using quizzes is an excellent way to engage your audience, the actual purpose of a quiz is two-fold. First, we want the person taking the quiz to subscribe to your email list (we’ll talk about that later). You also want them to click on your Call to Action or CTA. When you create a quiz, you can decide what your CTA is. It could be things like read your content, buy a product, schedule a consultation, or hire you for a service you provide.

Ready to make your own quiz? 

Try Interact!

Brainstorming the Quiz

Before building the Interact quiz, I knew I needed to create a quiz that related to my business and would appeal to my audience. While a small-business owner wants to grow their email list, it’s important to add the right type of person to the list. These people should be potential customers for your products and services, not someone who has no connection to your offerings. You want people that will open your emails and respond to what you’re sharing with them.

Since my business is focused on small-business owners and Pinterest management, I thought it would be best to create a quiz that fits with those topics. I wanted my quiz to appeal to people that would do the following things:

  • be interested in taking the quiz
  • feel the results were useful
  • find the content in my emails and posts helpful
  • respond to my CTA in the results

After considering all of these things, I decided to create a quiz about Pinterest for their business РWhat is your Pinterest business personality?

Creating the Interact Quiz

After deciding on the topic, it was time to create the quiz. Interact makes the process super-simple! Plus, I’m breaking down every step, just for you.

When you log in to your Interact dashboard, click Create New Quiz in the top right corner to create a new quiz.

Interact Quiz Builder dashboard with an arrow pointing to Create New Quiz button


Step #1 to creating a quiz

Next, choose whether you want to create a quiz from scratch or from a template. I suggest using a template for your first quiz to help you through the process!

Quiz creator with buttons to choose create from a template or create from scratch

After you choose Template, you’ll need to select your Industry. There are so many options, and you can choose more than one! I chose Blogging and Business.

Once you’ve selected your¬†industry or industries, you have to select the type of quiz you want to create. Interact does an excellent job of explaining what each type of quiz is, and you need to consider what your purpose is.

Interact Quiz Builder dashboard with Assessment, Personality, and Scored quiz buttons


Choose the category that fits with your quiz!

I decided a personality quiz would be the best choice because my questions didn’t have correct or incorrect answers. They simply presented different business approaches to Pinterest. Plus, what fun are quizzes where you get things wrong?¬†ūüėČ

Next, it’s time to choose the template for your quiz. With just two industries chosen and selecting to create a personality quiz, I got 21 template choices, and they ranged from five to ten questions. You can preview the different quiz templates by clicking on the image. You can go through the whole quiz right there to see if it’s a match. Remember that you can (and should) change the images, questions, answers, title, etc. to personalize it to your topic and business!

Interact Quiz Builder menu to choose quiz template

I chose to use the template called “What’s your blogging style?” because I thought the style of the questions would make it easy to adapt to my Pinterest quiz and the woman in the picture looked fun. #logic

Woman with flower crown and What's your blogging style? quiz template

Time to customize the quiz!

Customizing the Interact Quiz

It’s important to customize the quiz for your topic and to engage your audience. The quiz should be specific to your niche to truly appeal to your potential clients.

The Interact Quiz Builder walks you through the steps that you need to go through to customize the quiz.  

Interact Quiz Builder with steps for Branding, Questions, Integration, Share and Embed

The first step to customize the quiz is to change the branding and styling to match your brand. You can change the colors, choose a new font, and add your logo.

Interact Quiz Builder dashboard with arrows pointing to how to edit content, styles, logo, and preview

The next steps involve editing the content of the cover, the results, and the questions. I love the real-time preview that allows you to see how the quiz looks while you customize it!

As you work down the menu at the left, you can be confident that you won’t miss any part of creating a great quiz to engage your audience.

I would also like to point out that going through the quiz builder has you create your results before you update the questions. As someone with a background in instructional design, this is a HUGE plus for me! It lets you know where you want to end up, so you can make sure the questions actually focus on what you want them to and it lets you create your answer correlations as you create your questions.  

Making your results

For my Pinterest business personality quiz, I knew I wanted three results. These results tie in with the main three approaches that I’ve noticed in Pinterest management. People who use Pinterest for business either have lots of boards where they pin everything, focus their boards to their niche and use a mix of their own content and other people’s content, or they only pin their own content. There are reasons for all three approaches, so I can’t really say one way is the right way to do it.¬†

That’s why I chose to do a personality quiz, and I decided my three results were:

  • Lifestyle Legend
  • Focused Phenom
  • Marketing Master

Each of these also has an image that matches, a brief statement of some strengths of that personality type, a tip from a pro (me!) to help that personality type continue to grow, and a Call to Action that ties in with that tip. 

Interact dashboard with result preview with image of a woman in a hat in a field, a description, and a Call to Action

I like that each Call to Action can be different, or you can make them all the same. I chose to have all of them link to my Work with Me page, but each one says something different to fit with the individual results.

Creating the questions

To come up with questions that fit the topic of a Pinterest personality, I used my knowledge of how people use Pinterest, the information I’ve learned about Pinterest marketing, plus a few questions that are a little more fun and give insight into the quiz-takers’ personalities. Since I can have answers correlate to more than one result, there’s a great deal of freedom in what types of questions to include.

This Interact blog post on 50 questions you can use in a quiz was incredibly helpful in seeing the types of questions that people respond to in the quizzes.

The process to create the questions is simple. It’s four steps per question and then save it.

Edit the question > Edit the Image > Create the answer choices (including images, if you want them!) > Edit the answer correlations 

Integrating Your Quiz with Your Email List

While the quiz creation in Interact is easy and fun, the integration is where the magic happens! Since one of the goals for my quiz is to get people to subscribe to my email list, I need something that makes that as easy as possible. Interact does just that!

You can connect with the major email marketing systems directly through the Interact website. You only need to add the¬†API key, and you’re ready to go.


Interact help center with icons for all email systems they integrate with


Check out all the email marketing systems they integrate with!

Once I added my MailerLite API key, all the people that subscribed through the opt-in form would be added to the list I designated.

Creating the opt-in form

When creating an opt-in form, you can include pretty much anything you could imagine. I stick with first name and email address, but you can add more. Remember that people are more likely to subscribe when the form requires less information.

It’s also possible to let people skip the step to subscribe, so you don’t end up with people who aren’t interested in your content. If you’re in Europe, it’s a good idea to add the GDPR-compliance options and link your Privacy Policy.

Interact opt-in form

After creating an opt-in form for the quiz, link it with the email list of your choice. This can look different for different people. It’s possible to add everyone to your general email list. You can also add each result to a different email group so your automated emails can be customized for each result.

How I segmented my email list

As a small-business owner, segmenting an email list is an excellent way to engage your audience! This post on email¬†marketing shows how there’s a higher click-through rate with a segmented list.

I chose to have all of my results go to a Pinterest email group. I also added their results in a custom field to make it easier for my automated sequence to customize the results. Then I set up an automated email sequence specific to those results and their interest in Pinterest. 

Interact email segmenting step to link results

I based my automated emails on the example emails in this Interact post on best practices for creating lead-generation quizzes. It made it so easy to create my sequence, which is something I usually have a hard time doing.

It’s even possible to segment subscribers based on answers to individual questions, but I am not that advanced in segmenting my email groups yet. #goals

Once you’ve segmented your audience and mapped where you want your sign-up information to go, it’s time to publish your quiz and share it!¬†

Create Your Quiz for Free!

Sharing Your Quiz

Interact gives several options to share a quiz. It can be a pop-up on your website, an announcement bar, a direct link, embedded on your website (like mine is embedded below), or shared through social media. There’s even a WordPress plug-in to make it easier.

You can also embed a quiz with other website builders.  

For my Pinterest personality quiz, I embedded it in my website. It is located below for people who want to take it while reading the post, but I also added it to its own landing page. I can then promote it twice, once in this tutorial on how to create an Interact quiz, and once on its own for people who want to find out what their Pinterest personality is. It’s a double win!

As a side note, I am very impressed with how Interact thought of everything. I have a pop-up with the practice quiz I made on business strengths, and I don’t want that pop-up to appear on this post or the landing page with the Pinterest quiz. You can easily turn the pop-up off and on with rules when you create the pop-up. Plus, you can go back and change the rules for each quiz in the Interact dashboard.

Quiz Analytics

The analytics provided within Interact are impressive. They’re easy to read and provide great information. You can see everything from how your funnel is working for specific dates to what results people are getting to how long they’re taking to complete the quiz. You can even see what individual answers a person chose.¬†

Here are the results from my practice quiz that I made a few days ago. This quiz is converting much higher than some of my other opt-ins.

Interact conversion funnel

Final Thoughts on Interact Quizzes

I’m a fan of creating quizzes with Interact! The creation process is simple, the options to share the quiz are great, and the analytics show that quizzes work. Plus, it is an excellent way to engage your audience with something different.¬†

The Interact website also has a lot of information to help you with creating and integrating your quizzes, as well as case studies to prove it works.

Finally, you can create a free account with limited capabilities OR test out one of the higher-level accounts for 14 days. That way you can see how it works for you!

Now it’s your turn. Head over to the Interact Quiz Builder and get your own account today.

Create a Quiz for Free!

And, of course, if you have any questions while you’re building your quiz, just let me know. I would love to help you.

I can’t wait to see what you come up with to engage your audience!

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