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Hey everyone! I’m so excited to have you join me for Thoughts for a Virtual Assist! Since the focus of my new business is to provide virtual assists for small-business owners, that’s going to be what the blog is about, too. I want to provide YOU with content that will help you grow your business. My goal truly is to provide a virtual assist!

What is a Virtual Assist, Anyway??

The name of my new business came into being as I thought about the purpose of my new virtual assistant (VA) business. My last name is May, so that was the easy part, but I wanted something that was a little different from just saying I was a virtual assistant. I wanted a name that stood out and reflected my purpose for this business. So, I spent time thinking about what that purpose was.

As I brainstormed, the main thing  that really struck me was I want to help business owners. I would like to say that I have these amazing ideas that will change the world and revolutionize businesses everywhere, but that is so not true! I am not someone who has grand ideas. I’m much too practical (and maybe too much of a chicken!) to dream that big.

I am, however, a doer and a worker. I organize and can make things happen. I can get the ball down the field, court, or whatever sport metaphor you prefer and pass the ball to the person who takes the shot. I want to help move your business ahead so that you can score!

As I focused on that metaphor, I realized it was the perfect name for my business, and May Virtual Assists came into being. It truly reflects who I am and what I want to achieve for my business, and, more importantly, for yours.

So What is Thoughts for a Virtual Assist?

Not every small-business owner is ready to hire a VA, and that’s ok! I am here to support all business owners. My goal for Thoughts for a Virtual Assist is to give suggestions, tips, and ideas that can help any business owner grow his/her business. There will be posts about VA tips if or when you need them, Pinterest strategy ideas to help grow your Pinterest presence, and suggestions for making the most of the Work-at-Home Mom (or Dad or Person!) life to maximize productivity and success.

I’m super excited to begin this adventure of providing a virtual assist to help grow your business!

Until next time,

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